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Soros Open Society Behind the Left’s Support for Hamas

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The far left in America is supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization. They make it clear that they are supporting Hamas and not merely the innocent civilians of Palestine. Groups like Black Lives Matter have posted images of paragliders, which would have been akin to someone posting a plane crashing into a building shortly after 9/11. Then we have Joe Biden coming out and celebrating the birthday of the man whose death began Black Lives Matter while also pledging support for Israel.

One of the most powerful puppeteers on the left supports Hamas and global terrorism – George Soros. Yes, this is the man who openly said on “60 Minutes” that he felt no remorse for helping the Nazis confiscate the Jew’s belongings before sending them to concentration camps. George handed the power down to his son Alex who has become embedded in the conflict.

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Alex was one of many who signed a letter to President Biden urging him to prevent Netanyahu’s judicial renovation. “Sadly, we must acknowledge that warnings from the United States did not ultimately prevent the Israeli government from acting on this agenda,” the letter stated, later urging Biden to appoint a new ambassador to Israel. The same letter also urged Biden to reopen the US consulate in Jerusalem to work with the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. “Americans who care about Israel are horrified to see the government assault on the state’s democratic norms and institutions,” Alex Soros stated.

The Soros family is playing both sides. Alex Soros penned an op-ed for CNN in July, one month before his letter to Biden, entitled “Opinion: President Biden has taken a vital step to counter antisemitism in America.” He complains that the likes of Donald Trump and Elon Musk criticized his father. The article states that Jewish Americans were fighting antisemitism, and that Israel’s treatment of Palestine was one of the reasons. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has adopted increasingly aggressive and hostile policies towards its Arab population, elevating extremists to cabinet rank, authorizing new settlements in the occupied West Bank and proposing dramatic new curbs on the independence of the judiciary — a stance that drew criticism from Israel’s traditional allies and propelled hundreds of thousands of protesters into the streets,” Alex Soros wrote.

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Remember the Cloward-Piven strategy of creating civil unrest to create a regime change. “It is essential that the tools used to combat antisemitism cannot be repurposed to target academics, activists, students and advocacy groups that voice support for Palestinian human rights and restrict the free speech and policy disagreements that are at the very heart of an open society,” he continued. Now we see this very thing unfolding in America as leftist students and advocacy groups, all funded by the Open Society, firmly support Hamas.