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Resistance Is Not Always Futile – Manchester & Liverpool Stand up To Boris Johnson

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The Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has come out and refused to follow the demands of Boris Johnson who is increasingly acting, not like a politician, but someone who has been bribed to sabotage BREXIT and to crush the British economy for Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset. Johnson has not only abandoned the very core principles of the Conservative Party but in more than 40 years of dealing with governments around the world the one common element has always been you cannot get them to act proactively to PREVENT something from happening.

Here, Mayor Andy Burnham has said: “We have unanimously opposed the government’s plans for Tier 3.” It takes courage to defend the people against this political corruption that will eventually surface. He continues: “They are asking us to gamble our residents’ jobs, homes and businesses… on a strategy their own experts tell them might not work.” A truer statement has never been made. This is the difference between politicians who have not been bribed like Burnham and someone like Johnson who has sold out his country for clearly what will be a pocket full of money directly or more likely indirectly.