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Neocon Super PAC Urges Trump’s Assassination

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The Lincoln Pact is the neocon Super Pac championed by Liz Cheney that has two objectives: 1) continue all endless wars, and 2) eliminate Donald Trump. The group grew in their demands after Nikki Haley ungracefully bowed out of the election. This is not a Republican Super Pac as they have endorsed re-electing Joe Biden as the military-industrial establishment must win.


The group is now openly calling for the assassination of Donald Trump. Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson has a career based on his hatred for Trump, publishing books entitled “Everything Trump Touches Dies,” and “Running Against The Devil – A Plot To Save America from Trump And Democrats From Themselves.” Once a Republican, Rick Wilson is simply an establishment tool who will endorse any and all neocon policies. A quick search of his name will show you endless videos of Wilson bashing Trump and the MAGA movement.

Rick Wilson is terrified of a Trump victory, especially as the people clearly indicate that he is their candidate of choice. His solution?

“The donor class can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, oh, this will all just work itself out. They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump. And that’s a fact,” Rick Wilson from The Lincoln Project stated on MSNBC broadcasting.

Imagine if anyone on Trump’s campaign took to live TV to call for the assassination of Joe Biden. He would be immediately condemned for inciting a bloodbath, MSNBC would have weeks of re-education for its staff, and he’d likely face time in prison.

Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

Alex Soros, Open Society Foundation heir and globalist, has also been calling for the assassination of Trump. Soros was subtler in his demands for a dead president by image of $47 and a bullet hole implying to assassinate the 47th president, Trump.

Donald Trump has numerous targets on his back. The majority of our computer models say that he will win. Still, there is no possible way that the establishment could allow that to happen, mainly because he wants to put an end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts and back away from the climate change agenda that is simply a rouse for the Great Reset. The computer will be right again. There is absolutely no way either side will accept the 2024 election result, and Trump’s life is in danger.