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The Neocon Super Pac

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Conservative-appearing members of the establishment are seeking new solutions now that Nikki Haley has dropped out of the 2024 US Presidential race. Haley and her neocons within the establishment refuse to support Donald Trump as he is the most anti-war candidate out there. Liz Cheney has now created The Great Task, a super pac aimed at installing a neocon in the Oval Office.

Now, they are not seeking a new candidate; rather, this new collaborative is working on re-electing JOE BIDEN. Yes, the Republicans in the establishment would prefer a senile man who they could manipulate rather than a competent candidate. Forget the countless insults and criticisms these people have hurled at Biden over the years, as he is suddenly their leading candidate since he supports endless wars. The Biden of 2009 did not support endless wars, but that man no longer exists.

“The GOP has chosen,” Cheney published on X. “They will nominate a man who attempted to overturn an election and seize power. We have eight months to save our republic and ensure Donald Trump is never anywhere near the Oval Office again. Join me in the fight for our nation’s freedom.” The Great Task is an ode to former President Lincoln, who coincidentally was also a target of the establishment and omitted from the presidential election in certain states.

As the website states:

“Speaking at Gettysburg, Lincoln described our Great Task, “that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from this earth.”’

Ironically, Cheney says that this organization is rooted in “reverence for the rule of law” and “respect for our Constitution.” We have surrendered more freedoms under Biden than any other president in recent history. What amendment has not come under attack during his rule?

Some are calling Cheney and her establishment cronies TransRepublicans (actual Democrats who claim to identify as Republicans). In reality, they have no loyalty to either the US party or the American people. These people are terrified of a Trump victory because they will no longer be above the law.

Cheney’s main focus is defeating Russia at any cost. The website contains countless articles on why it is essential to fund Ukraine at the expense of borrowing from future generations of Americans as our nations sinks deeper into debt. The actual issues that Americans are facing in their daily lives are NOT LISTED on her website nor will they be considered. This group is specifically for the warmongers who want to see the military establishment succeed.

Open Secrets lists those who are funding The Great Task. This proves that Nikki Haley was NEVER a Republican candidate, which is why she refuses to support Trump’s bid. The swamp has exposed itself yet again. The wolves disguising themselves as conservative leaders are nothing more than America Last politicians who will do whatever it takes to propel America into World War III.