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Mike Pence – The Neocon GOP Presidential Candidate

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Former Vice President Mike Pence plans to run in the 2024 US Presidential Election with the goal of pushing the nation into a global conflict. Part of his rhetoric is bashing former President Trump for having diplomatic relations with Russia, despite working under him for four years. If elected, Pence said he plans to offer unlimited support to Ukraine to defeat Russia.

Pence criticized Biden’s handling of the war. Unlike DeSantis and Trump who criticized Biden for abandoning America First policies and providing Ukraine with a blank check, Pence believes Biden has not done enough to fight Russian aggression. “Biden has been slow in providing military resources to Ukraine,” Pence stated in a recent CNN town hall interview. At this point, the only thing America has not offered Ukraine is troops directly on the ground. He wants to completely end all diplomatic ties with Russia and expel all Russian diplomats from America.

Although Mike Pence never served in the military, he has spoken at West Point numerous times and told the troops to prepare to fight his coming wars. The Washington Post released an article in 2019 entitled “Mike Pence Predicts War Everywhere in a Few Years.” Here is the alarming speech he gave at West Point in May of that year:

“It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life. You will lead soldiers in combat. It will happen. Some of you will join the fight against radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of you will join the fight on the Korean Peninsula and in the Indo-Pacific, where North Korea continues to threaten the peace, and an increasingly militarized China challenges our presence in the region. Some of you will join the fight in Europe, where an aggressive Russia seeks to redraw international boundaries by force. And some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere.

And when that day comes, I know you will move to the sound of the guns and do your duty, and you will fight, and you will win. The American people expect nothing less.

So, wherever you’re called, I urge you to take what you learned here and put it into practice. Put your armor on, so that when — not if — that day comes, you’ll be able to stand your ground.”

So this man basically said to prepare for World War III as it was a “virtual certainty” that these men and women would fight a foreign war. Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Russia, China—the potential battles are endless for these bloodthirsty neocons. Pence stifled his warmongering views while working under Trump, but now he admits that he disagreed with the former president all along. He even supports keeping the January 6 protestors behind bars because he knows they would vote for Trump and/or America First policies.

“When Vladimir Putin rolled into Ukraine, the former president called him a genius,” Pence said during his CNN town hall. “I know the difference between a genius and a war criminal, and I know who needs to win in the war in Ukraine, and it’s the people fighting for their freedom and fighting to restore their national sovereignty in Ukraine.” Trump declared he would end the war in 24 hours, whereas Pence would continue the war indefinitely. Pence is regurgitating the neocon propaganda that Putin wants to conquer the world. “Anybody that thinks Vladimir Putin will stop if he overruns Ukraine has what we say back in Indiana ‘another thing coming.’ He has no intention of stopping,” Pence stated, while also using a favorite neocon line of recreating the Soviet Union.

The world would be a dangerous place with the likes of Pence as the POTUS. In fact, he would make Biden’s support for Ukraine look like child’s play. This man wants to go to war with EVERY adversary of America and is willing to send off generations of young men and women to die as his toy soldiers.