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Masquerade – the Real Face of Washington

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I reported previously that John McCain had been the one that released the fake dossier that Hillary paid for to try to discredit Trump which began the entire RussiaGate investigation. That information has now been recently released by the FBI.  As I have reported, about 50% of the Republicans were against Trump because he was an outsider. This is the way Washington works. There is an acceptance among parties as long as you are one of them – that is all that counts. They do not like anyone who has not been a Senator or Representative. They do not like governors. Trump was never a politician so that was just unheard of!

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There is also a facade in Washington. You have people pretending to be defending Trump but they are really not taking any steps – it is just for show. The “establishment” will be much happier with Trump out of the picture. They did their best to distract him for four years, stuffing his administration with Deep State actors like Bolton, and trying hard to keep the war going in the Middle East because that is power. This is the real face of Washington and the swamp that Trump could never drain.