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Marxists in Disarray Ahead of 2025

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The left is cannibalizing itself across the Western world. Pride month parades for LGBTQ community members have been repeatedly disrupted by pro-Palestinian protestors. The two causes certainly do not align, but the people who compose each seem to be confused when crossing their social justice causes. Over the weekend, a Pride Toronto event was canceled at the last minute due to pro-Palestinian protestors. Event organizers were forced to cancel the event due to public safety.

Again, this exact scenario has happened in big cities across the US, Canada, and Europe in recent weeks. I’ve explained at length why the Free Palestine movement is not a woke cause despite the confusion among protestors. What’s interesting about the Toronto Pride event is that “Queers for Palestine” protestors were part of problem as they were responsible for blocking part of the road. Any non-socialist supporting group would be arrested for committing a hate crime if they blocked off a Pride parade, but the left is in utter disarray as there are simply too many social justice causes to support and flags to wave.


The far-left has lost control and there is no leader at the helm. Maxime Bernier, former Conservative MP and Cabinet Minister and Peoples Party of Canada founder, consistently comes under fire for “far-right” ideals. Recently, he suggested that people should return to the nation that has their loyalty. “Residents of Canada who feel more attached and loyal to another country should pack up and move to that other country. We don’t need you here,” he posted on X. He has been labeled a xenophobic racist for stating a fact.


The collective left fails to understand that they could not protest or march for either cause outside of the West that they so desperately hate. All recent polls in Canada state that mass migration is a massive problem. What’s worse is that the people migrating from countries with an utterly foreign code of conduct are unable to integrate into society. Why should nations be forced to change their ideals? Anyone can do as they see fit, so long as they are not harming the public. Yet we are seeing a mass uptick in terrorism, anti-[insert open border nation here] protests, and crimes against women and young girls. This is happening throughout the West but those in charge are failing to address it because it does not fit the refugees welcome, open border narrative.

People are now fleeing nations like Canada and Europe because it has become too reminiscent of the places they once fled. Marxism always leads to a failed economy, and that is the root issue driving these woke and white-led pro-Palestinian protests, as the people believe that capitalism is preventing unearned equality. Marxism will end for it includes everything that seeks to manipulate for the benefit of the so-called people that is really now government workers at the expense of the private sector. However, the living standards of the people in general have declined, not because of the “rich”, but because of the growing unproductive sector we call government.

1913 2025 224 year Cycles

Our computer warns that 2025 will be the turning point in Marxism. We are less than a year away from a major cultural shift at the midpoint of the 224-year cycle.