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“Free Palestine” is Not a Woke Movement

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Liberals everywhere have been trying to combine Pride month with Islamic causes such as the free Palestine movement. There have been instances across the UK, Canada, the US, and all of the West where pro-LGBTQ protestors have been assaulted when attempting to join Palestinian protests. The woke justice warriors glue themselves to every social cause without understanding the meaning behind it.

The free Palestine movement is NOT a woke social justice cause. There are numerous gays for Palestine groups emerging, which would be like chickens for Chic-fil-A. The social justice warriors could wave the Ukrainian flag and tout anti-Russian rhetoric freely without understanding the root cause of the war. Muslims are attempting to correct the far-left who mistakenly believes they are tolerant or accepting of the gay community.

Homosexuality is not permitted in Islam or the majority of Islamic countries. The offense of loving someone of the same sex is often punishable by death. Earlier in the month, a man attempted to open the country’s first gay club in the same city where Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed. Pakistan punishes homosexuality with a minimum two-year prison sentence that could be extended for a lifetime. This mistaken leftist was not jailed but rather committed to a mental hospital for even proposing such an idea. Clearly, he could not be of the right state of mind.

It is illegal to be gay in Palestine, with a possible punishment of up to 10 years. If Hamas catches you, then you’re dead. The law will look away if someone is murdered for homosexuality. In 2016, Hamas killed one of its own top officials for homosexual activities. Palestine’s woes have absolutely no correlation to the pride movement in the West, where people are permitted to express themselves however they see fit through the protection they have under the laws of the countries they hate.


It feels as if liberalism, at its extreme, has become a growing mental health epidemic. There is no logic or individual thought present. Far-left liberalism has become a trend of being the most oppressed among society. No one has a clear image of self or identity. They do not even know who they are supporting or why, but they insist you support whatever cause they have taken up for unknown reasons. They insist it is taught at schools to children. All of this is absolutely absurd, and yet no one is permitted to question it without being labeled intolerant.