Le Pen in First Place So Far

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Le Pen Marine

With the election coming up in France, Le Pen is praising Donald Trump for putting his people first. “The European Union has failed,” she declared. She vows to return control of France also back to the people. Le Pen promises to exit the EU, saying it has utterly failed, and place a strict limitation upon immigration to fight “Islamic fundamentalism.” She is being presented as a patriot. “I will return the voice of the people!” She also vows “to always think of the national interest.” Len Pen continued, “My promise is to restore France within five years.”

Le Pen’s program has listed 144 electoral promises and she has adopted Donald Trump’s position saying “France First” vowing to end “mass immigration,” take protectionist measures for the French economy, and within six months move for a referendum on the withdrawal of France from the EU (“Frexit”).

Le Pen argues that the promises of the euro have failed. The French want to be “free” again. She also vows to end the Schengen area, introduce a national currency, and lead France away from the NATO commando structure. She has vowed a “zero-tolerance policy” against crime and terrorists. She will impose higher taxes for foreign workers and imports and will slash bureaucratic requirements for smaller enterprises following Trump. She realizes that Trump won because the vast majority of voters feel themselves to be the losers of globalization. The U.S. protests are coming from mostly the youth and the left movement which is intolerant of any opposition in true Marxist fashion. Most protesters are professional students who have not yet entered the real world and like the SNL skit – do live in a little bubble.

The polls right now show Le Pen currently at 25% in first place. The first round of the presidential election will be on April 23rd. The pundits are saying that it is unlikely that she will be able to win the election on May 7th when she will face the independent presidential candidate Macron and a conservative.


The conservative is François Fillon. However, Fillon has been under a lot of pressure after a pseudo-employment affair with his wife who he paid €500,000 to be his assistant at taxpayer expense, but nobody can really verify she works. Since this scandal, behind the scenes the conservatives are searching for a “plan B.” The latest polls show he may be eliminated in the first round. This will benefit Le Pen tremendously. A video has emerged from 2007 where Fillon’s British wife Penelope admits, “I have never actually been his assistant or anything like that.” Plus, she is not French.

IBEUUS-M 2-6-2017

When we look at the euro monthly array, we can see that the biggest turning point will be May and we have a Directional Change in April. Clearly, the capital flows are already targeting the French election. We must respect that if Le Pen wins, the euro is most likely dead on arrival. The German election in the fall will be the final straw. A Le Pen win would really illustrate the silent majority’s battle with the left-wing socialists who do not subscribe to live and let live, but need to subjugate everyone else so they can have their perfect utopia — the bubble.

FrenchFranc-Y 1900-1998 FrenchFranc-Y Array 1998

Euro-AE-Y 2016When we run our what-if models on the old French franc, clearly we are entering a major turning point which is 2017-2018. That was determined back in 1999. Strange how long-term models seems to predict the major trend that we are powerless to reverse. At time, it is like an aircraft carrier. It takes miles to try to make a u-turn where as a speed-boat can do it virtually instantaneous.

Note in the Array on the French Franc that it showed a Directional Change in 1999 and the first major target would be 2000. When we look at the Euro, 2000 was in fact the major low. Interesting how the turning point that was showing up in the French Franc carried over into the Euro’s performance. It often just seems to be Ce qui sera sera (what will be will be).

Euro-US$Europe was doomed from the outset. I have stated many times, the commission setting up the Euro attended our London WEC back in 1997. I told them it would fail unless the consolidated the debts of all member states. They said the Europeans would never vote for that and they were swearing the agenda was not to federalize Europe – a major lie. They told me that they understood what I was warning, but wanted to get the currency in play first and then worry about the debt later. Of course, they never addressed the debt so there could be no deep Euro to compete with the dollar. The European Project was doomed from the start because they would never tell the people what they were really up to – one federalized Europe to eliminate European War. Good one!

Le Pen’s main points:

  1. Referendum of EU Membership
  2. Restore French franc
  3. End Schengen area
  4. End Refugee migration
  5. Public contracts awarded only to French firms
  6. International trade agreements are to be canceled.
  7. The income tax for low-income earners is to be reduced by 10%
  8. Small business are to be relieved of their wage costs.
  9. The retirement age to be lowered to 60 from 62 years.
  10. Child benefit regardless of income
  11. Reduce gas and electricity costs by 5%
  12. Maintenance of the 35-hour week.
  13. Employers should pay a 10% tax on foreigners’ wages.
  14. Free education will be only for the French
  15. Illegal immigrants are to be deprived of free health care.
  16. Immigrants without papers have no chance of legal residence status.
  17. Asylum can only be applied for in French consulates abroad.
  18. French citizenship not to be based solely upon birth in France
  19. Increase domestic police by 15,000
  20. Build new prisons with space for 40,000 prisoners.
  21. Condemned foreigners are immediately deported
  22. All foreigners who are connected with Islamism under the supervision of the secret services.
  23. All radical mosques are to be closed.
  24. Withdrawal from the joint NATO.