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Krystal Ball on Roe v. Wade and Political Manipulation

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Krystal Ball provides a bipartisan view on the manipulation tactics that both Republicans and Democrats have been using throughout US history to gain votes. Remind the voters to hate the opposition who will turn their world into a dystopian nightmare — Vote for me and this time will be different!

The reality is that most politicians do not care about the key issues they discuss on podiums around the country. Both parties deliberately refuse to fix the problems they claim are ruining society because they need to scare voters to stay in line and vote within party lines.

As Ball mentioned, the minimum wage is stagnant at $7.25 per hour after the Democrats claimed for years they would raise it substantially. Perhaps only Bernie is honestly concerned about this issue and would have taken legitimate steps to correct the problem. Biden implemented the Child Tax Credit to help struggling families but implemented it for only one year. Once that program expired, his tactic backfired and Democratic voters flocked to the GOP. He has billions available for Ukraine, but not for US taxpayers.

There are many “one-issue voters” who will vote for whichever candidate supports their main concern regardless of political affiliation. Abortion is one of those issues that attract one-issue voters who have an extremely religious and moral opposition to the practice. The Democrats have claimed to care about protecting abortion rights for decades but failed to uphold their promise.

Obama said that protecting Roe would be his top priority once elected president. Despite many cycles of holding power, the Democrats refused to make access to abortion a federal law. Obama had the House AND Senate in his pocket and could have passed the Freedom of Choice Act with little opposition. He did no such thing because the Democrats need the issue of abortion to portray the Republicans as the opposition. The Republicans used the same technique when Trump promised to overturn Roe v. Wade to appeal to his Christian voters.

These politicians only care about securing votes for candidates who support the current regime. The Republicans should be celebrating the Supreme Court decision, but are upset over the leak because it takes away another talking point for the midterm election. Additionally, as America has abandoned its original Christian founding, fewer Republican voters are overly concerned with Roe v. Wade, especially given the endless issues facing our nation.

Both sides have had nearly 50 years to protect or overturn Roe. How long will politicians continue to make the same empty promises before the people call their bluff? Sooner or later, voters will realize that this time will not be different.