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Impeachment – Democrats & Point of No Return

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Point of No Return

COMMENT: Dear Martin,
I consider myself a “political atheist and have the habit of informing myself by following a wide variety of quality news sources (from a variety of countries ) across the political spectrum and think thus getting a good idea of what’s going on in the USA at this point.
I have been following you and your writings for several years now and recently resubscribed to Socrates but must admit being very surprised by your current updates with respect to the trump impeachment and how the democrats are responsible for the total destruction of the American democracy.
I cannot understand your position and point of view cause there’s no doubt the republicans are a totally corrupt bunch who will stop at nothing to ensure their leader will remain in place regardless of the clear authoritarian rule he is out to establish.


ANSWER: Perhaps I was too short. The point is not that the Republicans are better than the Democrats. The point I am making here is that politics is always about precedent. What the Democrats have done changes the game. When the cycle shifts and the Republicans are on the other side of the table, then they will see themselves as justified in using the same tactics.

This is what I mean by saying the Democrats have destroyed the very power of Impeachment. I do not believe that what Trump did warrants impeachment any more than what Clinton did. The Impeachment Power has to be about upholding the Constitution.

What the Democrats did to Kavanaugh was outrageous. Allowing unproven accusations from 30 or 40 years before to be made in Congress has NOTHING to do with the veracity of those statements, the character of Kavanaugh himself, but about the process. I have mentioned I knew Steve Moore who Trump wanted to nominate for the board of the Federal Reserve. Immediately, the Democrats began to attack him. He withdrew his name because he has a family. What the Democrats have done is changed the rules of the game to such an extent, I know good qualified people who are no longer willing to serve in any capacity in government. This has become a grudge match.

So do not take my comments as supporting Trump or Republicans v Democrats. This is the collapse of CIVILITY and that is what is destroying government. The Democrats are out of control. There is NOTHING to be gained by this tactic. Even if they won the White House, do you really think the Republicans will then not do the very same to them?

This is what I mean the government has ceased to function. There is NO GOING BACK!!!!! We have crossed the Point of No Return!!!!!