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Hiding Behind the Curtain – Best of Both Worlds

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QUESTION: Marty; I was watching Fox News and on the same show they had Steve Forbes and Steven Moore. I remembered you were friends with Steve Moore when he was at the Cato Institute. There was talk the two of you were going to do something together. Both are in with Trump along with Nigel Farage. My Question is, obviously you also know all the people advising Trump. Are you going to be an adviser as well?


skeletons_in-closetANSWER: Yes, I know Steve Moore. Yes, we used to communicate regularly. No, I will not be an adviser to Trump. I would be glad to answer questions behind the curtain and offer access to our computer system forecast if they are serious. But I would never take a position in front of the curtain. I have advised far too many governments around the world and major multinational companies. They would turn that into some sort of treason in a Senate confirmation hearing or say that I advised Japanese and German auto manufacturers and turn that into treason.

Just not interested. Behind the curtain works better. I do what I do because trying to move even a pebble inside government takes on a huge effort. It is far easier to move mountains from the outside than from the inside.