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Hunter Biden Countersues Laptop Repair Shop Owner

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Computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He found the horrendous, unspeakable content on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. John Paul thought he did the right thing by contacting the authorities, but they were in the Biden crime family’s pocket. The FBI stormed his shop and locked away the laptop. No one was permitted to say that the laptop even existed. Now, Hunter Biden is filing legal charges against the computer shop owner for violating his privacy. America is not a democracy; Joe Biden is a tyrant who is above the law.

The nerve these people have where they believe they have the “privacy” to conceal CP and treasonous secrets against the US. The contents of the computer were discovered on June/July 2019, before his dad could be installed as president. Intelligence agencies threatened media platforms such as Facebook and warned them against uncovering the story. Zuckerburg even admitted to censoring any story involving the laptop during Joe Biden’s presidential run. Everyone knows the truth behind the curtain but the public was brainwashed into believing it was all a big lie.

Hunter Biden finally admitted that the laptop was his in February 2023. Actually, he alluded that the laptop could be his in a statement written by his lawyers. So for three years, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, MSNBC, and nearly every media outlet denied that the laptop existed. Believe it or not, they actually tried to blame RUSSIA for Hunter Biden’s depraved recorded behavior.

The shop owner really is innocent in all of this mess, and it shows how the Bidens truly do not care about the average person. The owner looked at the contents of the computer because the laptop owner, who admittedly was using crack cocaine and other illegal drugs at the time, failed to pick it up within 90 days and could not be reached. I can assure you that the contents of that computer would send anyone to jail for a very long time. His father, the sitting US president, would also be sent to jail if this were a just system. Around 67% of the American people wanted Joe Biden impeached over the contents of the laptop before Hunter’s team even admitted it was real. Show the public the truth of Joe Biden’s treasonous involvement before the next election — the people have a right to know who they are voting for.