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Hillary Says She “Feels” the Urge to Run Against Trump Again

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Hillary Pelosi

COMMENT: Marty, nobody can compete with your sources. You said they were very good. It looks like demanding witnesses by the Democrats they know what they are doing. It does clear the decks of Warren and Bernie, but it will put Biden and his son in the witness seat. You are right. Hillary just said she has the urge to run against Trump again.


Throwing Under the Bus

REPLY: The entire impeachment trial is to alter the 2020 election. That has been the REAL CONSPIRACY! The Democrats are throwing Biden under the bus and his family all to get Hillary as the candidate. This knocks Bernie and Warren out of the game not to mention Biden. Let’s watch this manipulation for the 2020 election because they know it will not remove Trump from office. This is about clearing the stage for Hillary.