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Has Russian TV Become the Only Real Media?

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This is really a said statement on Western Press when RU reports on the Worldwide Freedom Protests and Western Press calls it all extremists, far-right, and QAnon. Local news ABC, CBS, and NBC never mentioned anything at all. Why is the media so against everything about just reporting the news? If it was a Black Lives Protest, it would be on every TV. Why is the media trying to destroy our freedom?

We have teenagers committing suicide because they see no future. Over 90% of the deaths are all in nursing homes which the mainstream press refuses to publish. They say “trust the science” but the truth is science is political. Anyone who disagrees with the narrative is canceled. Even doctors who testified before Congress have been removed by YouTube. That is not science.

We are in the midst of a major political coup and BigTech is working feverishly against the people, our future, and destroying every hope that our children will ever be left anything better. The total number of deaths of children under 17 by COVID nationwide is 42. Yet schools are closed and in LA they must be tested every day to go to school. Children are to grow up assuming everyone is a threat? Is this to reduce the population by keeping the next generation skeptical about others?


COVID 19 Death By Age