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Bill Gates Terrorizing Children?

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This video of the Los Angeles School District being fully on board with total control of children is so dangerous, that it is conditioning the next generation that they must undergo Gates’ vaccines, forever wear masks, and social distance. They are being conditioned that this will be the NEW NORMAL for the rest of their lives. The statement that this COVID virus is the worst in our lifetime is absurd; it is beyond fraud.

When I was at the airport in 2019, an older man was complaining about having to take his shoes off. A young girl standing in front of me in her 20s said to her other companion, “I guess it must be the first time he is flying in his life.” Those in their 20s already think taking off your shoes is a normal thing. They have no idea what it was like pre-9/11. Gates’ Microsoft indoctrination will have our children and grandchildren forever thinking daily screenings before leaving your house, wearing masks, and socially-distancing is normal.

The mainstream media is failing to do anything to defend our freedom or our children. They are yet another group of conspirators against our basic human rights.