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Half of Europe’s Small Businesses Fear They Cannot Survive

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New Green World Order Class

Business confidence in Europe is in crash mode. Over half of Europe’s small firms fear for survival, survey finds. They seem to be correct. This Great Reset is designed to crush the economy and rebuilding it if “green” from the bottom. They label anything that dares to say the obvious as a “conspiracy theory” so they need not answer any of this. A “conspiracy theory” was something that was not remotely possible and was way out there beyond even alien abductions. Here, we need only take what they are saying and ask are politicians this stupid that they cannot see what they are doing to the average person?

Khruschev Nikta

The authoritative actions of politicians and the forced denial of human rights are far worse than if we were invaded by a foreign power. Khrushchev was correct, but it is not the lower classes doing this, it is the academics in league with the Big Tech companies offering technology to track every person to prevent any possible uprising in the future.