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Germany to Begin Confiscating Guns

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Germany is repeating its past mistake from 1938 when Hitler authorized the Gun Control Act that banned “enemies of the state,” such as liberals and Jews, from owning firearms. A few weeks later Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) occurred and the people were unable to defend themselves. As we know, it was only a downhill battle from there where the German people were utterly helpless against the Third Reich.

At a time when the world is praising Zelensky for arming citizens and praising the people for protecting their country, the rest of the Western world continues to condemn private gun ownership. Germany will begin disarming 1,500 people who they suspect (not confirmed) are extremists. Germany already has strict requirements for citizens to obtain firearms, but this measure could ensure that people with dissenting opinions are unable to defend themselves.

Trudeau, Putin, Biden, and most world leaders have recently decried citizens as far-right Nazi extremists without valid proof. Anyone could be declared an extremist if they disobey. Germany is taking it to a new extreme by potentially categorizing the entire Alternative for Germany Party (AfG) as dangerous extremists. This group has been vehemently opposed to COVID restrictions as well.

This will begin the trend of allowing governments to disarm people based on their political beliefs. They only want citizens to have guns when they are used to promote the government’s agenda. Any dissenters will be labeled dangerous extremists who post a threat to national security. This exact event has happened numerous times throughout history and resulted in the government murdering millions (e.g., The USSR in 1929 and China in 1935).