Georgia Recount – Still a Fraud & Agenda 2030

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This is why there should be a computer program that people go online to vote and we eliminate this outrageous fraud because the public has no idea what they are doing to the country because the “agenda” was never told to the people. We call this democracy where people can run for election and promise one thing to get their vote with the full intention of doing something completely opposite.

Stalin was exactly correct and this election in 2020 will be direct proof that you cannot trust the people counting the votes. This is absurd and it will only lead to a civil war with blood in the streets all because the real agenda is to impose communism. Trudeau of Canada though they defeated Trump and came out and told the people of Canada that Agenda 2030 is being implemented from the World Economic Forum.

Listen carefully to what Trudeau is saying. “This Pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset … to reimagine economic systems to address extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”


I warned back in April 2020 that this agenda was deliberately orchestrated. These people try to discourage people from listening to me by constantly misrepresenting my case and even what happened while protecting the bankers as they stole $400 million from our company. I know far too many people and many insiders release material to us because they know that the big powers all tend to read this blog. Our computer began to pick up the shifting capital flows in preparation for this scam in August 2019. It became clear that the agenda was set in motion by December 2019. Even Bill Gates began liquidating stocks for the big crash. They shifted the capital flows to the Big Tech stocks by shutting down the economy and forcing people to buy online. All of this was pre-planned.

I reported on April 20th, 2020 that the Green Climate Fund of the United Nations had tipped its hand by writing:

While COVID-19 is causing untold suffering, the international response to this unprecedented health crisis in modern times offers an opportunity to direct finances towards bolstering climate action. GCF will continue to make critical investments in climate-resilient water resource management, health care facilities, agriculture and livelihoods – all of which are essential to subduing and overcoming the pandemic. Similarly, we will step up our efforts to catalyse green investment to relaunch economies on low-emission, climate-resilient trajectories. 


Then the WHO, which is supposed to be about just health, came out and tied climate change to the disease. Once again, these people were sol confident that their grand plan to destroy the world economy and rebuild it was unstoppable. And its head, Tedros Adhanom, is not even a medical doctor.



Then we had Schwab taking the lead to promote it as the Great Reset. He thought he could pretend to be the benevolent dictator from above claiming his organization was non-profit and only had the good of the world at heart. So did Napoleon and Hitler as well as Lenin and Stalin. They all have a vision and thought they were right.

Schwab took the lead and got all the press to kiss his ring as the new financial pope of the world. They all agreed a Great Reset was now needed without understanding this 2030 Agenda was communism.

Schwab even systematically was seeking to indoctrinate children as a powerful tool. Not only did he give center stage to push Gretta upon the world, but he also began an indoctrination scheme even using the Muppets.


Schwab solicited even royalty to sell his Great Reset. This has been a highly organized effort to take over the world and push his Agenda 2030 not by the Democratic process, but by dictatorship where the issue is never debated and the people are never allowed to vote on their own future.

His 8 predictions are clearly not just Communism 3.0, but he has also championed George Soros’ One-World Government handing control of the United States nuclear power to the United Nations.




On August 11th, 2020. George Soros did an interview in La Republica where he actually said we needed a revolution against Trump.

“I would describe it as a revolutionary moment when the range of possibilities is much greater than in normal times.”

The Telegraph is now reporting that Soros “is one of three senior figures linked to the Remain-supporting campaign group Best for Britain who plan to launch a nationwide advertising campaign this month, which they hope will lead to a second referendum to keep Britain in the EU.” Soros is on the wrong side. Europe has no chance of the EU Project actually succeeding long-term. The entire structure is completely unsound and the political process is anti-Democrat. The EU was purposefully designed to be as close to a dictatorship where the people are not trusted to make any decision and are too stupid to even know how to spend their own money. Nobody in the Troika ever stands for an election and they are the people who rule with an iron fist over the economy.

It was Soros who was pouring money in to defeat BREXIT and lost. The way to overturn democracy was to get to Boris Johnson which has now signed on to Agenda 2030 and betrayed his own people.

Soros set up his sone with a separate foundation. This way he funneled money to the Democrats to overthrow Trump and vetted Harris BEFORE the formal vetting that was public. This photo was taken BEFORE the official vetting and he called his father to confirm Harris who George then endorsed for she would be acceptable for Agenda 2030.


Soros and Gates are behind this Agenda 2030. They represent a major threat to the world. I finished this book on the Cycle of War last May. The publisher said they would have it out in less than 60 days. From there the lies began. Delay after delay and they seemed to prevent it from appearing before the election. I received finally my sample copy exactly on November 3rd, election day. I believe the delay was purposeful because it had Gates and Soros on the front cover. They always seem to try to ban what I do imposing censoring all the time just like the Forecaster Movie that was even on TV in Canada, Europe, and Asia – but not in the United States. I am sure they are trying to figure out how to stage a suicide but can’t work out how to shoot me in the back of the head claiming it was self-inflicted.