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Election is Being Stolen?

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These are just two of the faces of the new Tyranny. When the history books are written, they will go down as two of the people who undermined our entire freedom. Jack Dorsey is probably the worst. He seems to think he is trying to bring back the fashion role of Rasputin. He may go down in history as also being assassinated by the very civil unrest he is inspiring. Dorsey announced that Twitter is now limiting the sharing of certain election-related posts that he personally disapproves of. His position in Square has placed him in line to overthrow the banks and cash in on the digital currency the Democrats have already sponsored.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook didn’t shield Trump’s post but informed users, “Final results may be different from initial vote counts, as ballot counting will continue for days or weeks.” He too is in line for creating a digital currency and is prepared to hold out his hand for a piece of the action in the Democrats’ end of the US dollar.

As for stealing the election, the computer shows that Trump should have won but by a razor-thin margin. As I have stated many times, it had shown that Gore should have won but that was handed to Bush by the Supreme Court. It appears this election is again being stolen.

Counting mail-in ballots could go on for even weeks. The most vulnerable is the city of Philadelphia. Corruption is that city’s middle name. It is ironic that Philadelphia does mean brotherly love, but they screwed that one up as well. In Greek, it meant real brotherly love – incest as in Ptolemy II Philadelphus because he married his sister. A slight misinterpretation of a translation.



The computer projects major chaos going into 2022. If the Democrats steal this election which appears to be the case, they will then impose the very same strategy you see Boris Johnson doing in London. Listen to Pelosi. She said the main objectives of a Democratic victory were to keep Obamacare and to “crush the virus” which will be a nationwide lockdown and to “put money in the pockets of the American people” which is the same Guaranteed Basic Income being handed out by Boris Johnson.

As I wrote in the report “What we are showing overall is a much tighter race than perhaps the polls suggest putting Biden 12% ahead.” The polls were putting Biden 12% ahead and Socrates was projecting a 50/50 race on the popular poll count.

Keep in mind that the Democrats needed 3 seats in the Senate but taking the White House means any tie in the Senate is broken by the Vice President’s vote. What Socrates is showing in that the 2022 election will be a major upset. Therefore, if we end up in the Supreme Court about the mail-ins, they may not vote in Trump’s favor. Votes that are postmarked by 3rd should be valid even if countered 1 week later. No voting AFTER the 3rd should be allowed. Biden took Michigan magically when ALL 138,000 mail-in ballots were for him to flip the state. Trump did not get even one vote. It just appears there is a major effort to steal the election all to force Communism 3.0 upon the United States. Those who voted for Biden will not realize what they have done until 2021 and they will flip in 2022.

We must understand that when this all shakes out, we may see the greatest threat to freedom erupt between now and 2022, and the Democrats will do the same thing as to employ the police and national guard against the people to prevent protests against their implementation of Communism 3.0.

As one reader questioned: “Marty and team – if the global Marxist agenda is to provide guaranteed basic income which will destroy small businesses, who will actually provide the services and products that people want at the local level?” TAR

Another wrote in from London:

Hi Martin

Sadly from where I am sitting it looks like the democrats are pulling off a Robert Mugabe special. As expected there is not a Trump friendly voice in the UK media, quite the opposite, they are openly hostile. I see even politicians lining up against Trump on social media, I would not be surprised to see an idiot like Johnson and some of the EU leaders to voice their ‘election concerns’ re Trump fake loss shortly.

A tell tale sign in my opinion – watch big tech – they know if Trump wins they will be broken apart and taken to task. Every bit of + news about Biden sees them surge – payback for years of manipulation on behalf of the democrats.

With the swing states in democrat control, I can only imagine the billions spent in black ops to ensure as Stalin said, I care only who counts the votes to decide an election. Clearly we are seeing blatant election fraud taking place on an unimaginable scale. The tell here is your democrat AOC – she is one of the most radical and most easily triggered – yet she is smugly telling people to stay calm and wait for votes to be counted – she knows the fix is in. I expect Pelosi will instruct their puppet to announce victory later – then the games will begin and the full might of all global media, politicians and social media will be brought to bear against Trump.

I believe that 99% of Trump haters have no idea what they have just brought upon themselves globally.

I think this is what Socrates saw – 3 months of having to audit mail in ballots to get a result.

Kind Regards


Quite frankly, these people believe in Communism whereby the state controls everything. Schwab openly states you will own nothing. This is the very purpose of lockdowns – wipe out small businesses. They do not consider the real economy or human nature. Schwab and Piketty are academics. They have never mingled with the great unwashed. They have never had to really produce anything to earn a living so why should anyone else?

WEC2020 Armstrong v Schwab


I am doing a report which is in detail taking their papers and going through their logic and analysis. I am not sure how much longer free speech will even survive in the United States thanks to people like Dorsey and Zuckerberg for starters. The agenda here is way too much at stake for them to allow Trump to win. All they will do is create civil war in the end.