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Division of Pure Hatred

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QUESTION: Dear Marty
Are we indeed witnessing this divide between socialists/Marxists and conservatives/sensible people worldwide not just in the USA? Is this the last worldwide battle against marxism (anti-God)?
Look at Brazil. No different. In the protests yesterday several Lula supporters actually ran over Bolsonaristas who were protesting in the street. At least 5 were taken to the hospital and reports of some deaths. They were filmed on people’s phones. It’s horrible what the left will do.
Is this the point where we all need to choose a side and step up to be counted? Freedom has to be fought for it seems.


ANSWER: Unfortunately, yes. While the United States is deeply divided and will ultimately break up as will Europe, our politicians have been fanning the flames of division. The controversy that Tucker Carlson created by characterizing Jammie Raskin as saying “Russia is an Orthodox Christian country with traditional social values. And for that reason, it must be destroyed no matter what the cost to us.”  Tucker’s interpretation of Raskin’s speech is incorrect. Implied by Raskin was that the Democrats stand for freedom and politicians should not be telling you what to do. He insinuates that Putin rejects those ideas implied because it is an Orthodox Christian Country. Putin has rejected the West’s cancel culture and teaching sexual fluidity to children he called a Crime against Humanity.

Putin has said that the cancel culture, and divisions of people, were once part of Russia and led to its demise. Yes, he stands against homosexuality, and this is part of what is inferred by Raskin that Russia is not as liberal and rejects the principles of Wokeness and the push of the Democrats. Did Raskin outright call for a religious war? No. However, his vitriol is rather absurd pretending that the Democrats stand for democracy and freedom when they are dictating how everyone should live from heating their homes to what they drive. Then, he pretends that America stands for Ukraine while refusing to explain that Zelensky has outlawed Russian to be spoken by Russians in the Donbas and that they are to surrender their religious beliefs as well.

Filaret Patriarch

On September 6th, 2014, an official statement was made illustrating the religious battle that was also unfolding. The new Patriarch Filaret, who heads the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate, came out and said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has fallen under the spell of Satan and faces eternal damnation to hell unless he repents.

The Western press refuses to report the antics of Zelensky. He has waged a holy war. He has raised the so-called Patriarch of Kyiv and ordered all the Russians in the Donbas that their churches are now to be subsidiaries of Kyiv. He has supplanted the Patriarch of Moscow replacing him with his Kyiv version effectively this is like replacing the Pope with some local bishop. The French did that by seizing the Papacy and moving it from Rome to Avignon. But, hey, Zelensky stands for freedom and democracy while refusing to honor the Mink Agreement that was to allow the Donbas to vote on their independence. So much for democracy.

Marx ten commandments socialism

1864 2Cents

Why should there be one country under God? It was the Civil War that saw the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” appears on American Currency in 1864. God is no longer part of the foundation of the United States. Marxism is forbidden by the Ten Commandments. Religion has been under assault in America for quite some time. Some have argued that getting rid of paper money will even kill that motto once and for all.


There is nothing about the United States that adheres to any religious dogma. This idea of “freedom” is really freedom from any religious restraint. This is what has divided the country deeply and the Democrats are looking to win on Abortion. There were extreme abortion supporters who supported even an abortion right after birth. Even the Washington Post had to question that one. I suppose we can do away with the death penalty and just call it post-birth abortion to make it sound better and legal.


Clinton Trump Deplorables

The world is divided. Politicians have caused havoc worldwide. They are only interested in winning at all costs and have been demonizing their opponents and that simply divides the country just as Hillary called everyone who voted for Trump, 50%+ – DEPLORABLES. Let’s face it. Both sides are running campaigns of hate.

US Divided

The United States is already divided. History confirms that a house divided like this cannot possibly stand. The post-2032 era will be a period where society must come to grips with how to design a nation from scratch. The politicians have fueled the politics of hate. I for one could never see myself even dating someone from the other side politically. It would result in constant arguments and at the end of the day, you just cannot live with someone who would be opposed to all your basic beliefs.