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Chuck Schumer will not Lose – Because He is Not Running

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2020 Elections

COMMENT: I really had to laugh how many people claim they called the Trump victory in 2016 on just inuendos. The real laugh is the lastest one that claims Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC will all lose. Schumer isn’t even running until 2022. Thank you for your report. You covered Pelosi and AOC. You are the only one with real models.

Fantastic work.


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REPLY: Correct. Chuck Schummer runs in 2022 – not 2020. To even make that prediction shows they do not understand politics. Only the House runs every 2 years. The Senate terms are 6 years and 1/3 run in one election – not the entire Senate. I did not see that forecast, but it is just laughable. We have opened our political forecasting to the public. Typically, this is put out at $5,000 for institutional only. This year is really important.