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Hospitals Are Empty & Going Broke As Normal Healthcare has been Suspended

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The lockdown was justified under the theory that Hospitals did not have the capacity to take care of the millions of people who would be struck down by the rapid coronavirus. All of that justification to lock down the nation never materialized. The ramifications have now turned to a denial of healthcare for the regular population and now doctors and medical staff are facing being laid off because normal health services are shut down. I personally could not even see a dentist because they were told to shut down by the American Dental Association.

Ironically, now hospitals are in danger of going bankrupt. We were told that we had to flatten the curve because there were not enough bed spaces. Then they did the subtle switch and the lockdown was justified until COVID-19 was eradicated. The interesting thing is how many institutions are sending us various materials because mainstream media will not cover it when it goes against their position of maintaining this lockdown. They are endangering our lives for political nonsense by refusing to report the truth.


Here is a letter from the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association to Governor Northam asking that these emergency orders preventing healthcare for normal people be terminated. Where the justification was to protect public health, this lockdown is now threatening public health and the leftist media refuses to report the truth.

DOWNLOAD LETTER: Letter-to-Governor-Northam-Regarding-EO-Extension-4.18.20


VHH Letter 1 VHH Letter 2