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Brennan Confirmed RussiaGate was Created by Hillary

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Hillary Putin

The amount of information coming out about this entire Soft Coup against Trump and how Hillary Clinton manufactured everything to distract people from the destroyed emails which were all obviously incriminating as all these foreign governments suddenly contributed to the Clinton Foundation, but then cut off all funding as soon as she lost the election. In all honesty, I have never witnessed such a vile public official as Hillary.

Now the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, declassified several documents, including handwritten notes from former CIA John Brennan he made just after he briefed former President Obama on an alleged plot by Hillary Clinton win the election by making up the entire RussiaGate scenario and paying for the Steele dossier to undermine Donald Trump using Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server” going into the 2016 US election.

Brennan John

We now know that John Brenan misled Congress and the American public that there was sufficient evidence to investigate Trump’s campaign. He kept avoiding the question saying he had no knowledge that collusion or conspiracy actually existed. The BBC headline back in 2017: “Ex-CIA chief Brennan says Trump-Russia inquiry ‘well-founded'”

Safra Berezovsky

I have stated that one of my lawyers, Scot Balber, was even at the famous Trump Tower Meeting with Russian briefing Trump on the Magnitsky Act. I have stated previously, there was absolutely NO REASON for Putin to have killed Magnitsky. All the evidence points to non-Russian sources to cover up the entire conspiracy to overthrow Yeltsin and takeover Russia by installing Berezovsky.



I have stated that I was asked to invest $10 billion into Hermitage Capital by Dov Schlein of Republic National Bank who worked for Safra. Safra was most likely killed by Putin in retaliation for the 2000 failed attempt to blackmail Yeltsin and take over Russia with the blessing of Hillary. Safra was killed on December 3rd, 1999 and they filed the motion to imprison me on contempt of court one week later and kept me there for 7 years on a statutory maximum sentence of 18 months (28 USC 1826).

James Comey Armstrong Case

And by the way, it was James Comey who approved keeping me in prison for 7 years on civil contempt of court to prevent any of this story from surfacing. It suffices it to say that I have had a front-row seat to this conspiracy against the people and Trump with all the main actors.

Daily News Trump Putin July 2018

There is FAR MORE to this plot than perhaps those in power or the media have been willing to admit that it was NOT Russians interfering into the 2016 election which was a Hillary Hoax, but it was Hillary’s alleged approving of the bankers’ blackmail of Yeltsin to take over Russia. That is why Putin told Mueller he was welcome to come to Russia to interview anyone he wanted if Putin could do the same. It was Chuck Schumer & John McCain, Hillary’s friend, who then immediately passed a motion to prevent Putin from questioning any American. The media has always supported Hillary and the fake intelligence because they too have been part of Hillary’s plan. Schumer should now be deposed.

Forecaster LA Weekly


I have stated before, that to make the movie the Forecaster, which was organized by German TV, there had to be insurance against slander and libel. Lloyds of London provided that insurance but NOT until I had to supply all the documentation to support all the allegations. Despite all that, the US government was offered to appear to give their side. They DECLINED to appear in the film. Everything I was aware of behind the curtain involving this clandestine attempt to takeover Russia is starting to come out. The truth ALWAYS surfaces.

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