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Biden Apologizes for State of the Union Remark

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President Joe Biden apologized for his remark during the State of the Union address; however, it was not for the reasons one would hope. At the urging of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Joe Biden reluctantly mentioned the case of Laken Riley, a nursing student who was murdered by an illegal migrant who was permitted into this country due to Biden’s open border policies. The left has condemned Joe Biden for using the word “illegal” to describe migrants, and Joe Biden is now backtracking on his stance of using the word “illegal.” That is where the outrage lies. No one in his voter base cares about the innocent young American girl.

When speaking without a teleprompter, Joe Biden says whatever comes to his mind. “Technically, they’re not supposed to be here,” President Joe Biden said when asked if he regretted using the term “illegal” to describe the very people who are, in fact, breaking national law by entering our country. It is astonishing that a portion of our nation is demanding justice for the illegal migrant who brutally murdered an innocent girl. Biden could be reported for speaking this way in California.

Joe Biden should be apologizing for disrespectfully calling Laken “Lincoln Riley” during his speech despite Greene shouting her name loud and clear. Some believe that he did not want what remains of the right-wing press to have that soundbite. He used his favorite line during his speech regarding how he understands her parents’ pain since he, too, lost a child. It always comes back to the Big Guy. The difference is Laken Riley’s death was preventable, and he directly aided her murderer.

He should apologize for allowing that rapist back into our country after he was deported the first time. But that would be racist, according to the left. Biden told MSNBC that he regrets calling that man an “illegal” and wished he had used the word “undocumented” to describe the murderer, juxtaposing his own views to Donald Trump, who is racist for wanting a secure border.

Speaker Mike Johnson replied to Biden’s interview by calling him an “embarrassment” who cowered to his voting base. “President Biden should be apologizing to Laken’s family,” Johnson demanded. A migrant murdering a white female does not fit their twisted narrative, and so they are dismissing it entirely.

Biden did not speak out once about Laken Riley or any of the other Americans murdered by illegal aliens. However, he is still continuing to promote the narrative of police brutality, racism, and revenge for George Floyd. Floyd, a violent criminal with substance abuse issues, receives more of the president’s attention than our upstanding citizens because his image has been memorialized to enrage his voter base. Revered George Floyd once held a gun to a pregnant woman during a robbery, but the government is passing laws in his name and making him a martyr.

Biden found the time to post on X that he is continuing to preserve the memory of George Floyd. “I will continue to call on Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act so we can make police reform the law of the land,” Biden posted on March 2, 2024. Still no mention of Laken Riley or any of the other Americans killed by migrants who “technically are not supposed to be here.”

Why is the president failing to pass laws to protect the women of this nation? Well, he simply does not care. He has the ability to help secure our border but chooses not to. And people still vote for this fool? Unbelievable.