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2020 Election – It ain’t over under the fat lady sings

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Democrat v Republican

This 2020 election does more than show that Socrates has beaten every pollster out there calling into question their manipulation bias when a computer can just look at the voting pattern without talking to anyone. The neck-to-neck of this US election goes to show that the Democratic Party is a disaster. They have torn the country apart with Russian allegations, impeachments, and tearing up the State of the Union speech before the entire world. They have shown that this hostile takeover of the United States is by no means over and they have laid the seeds of a civil war just as the Democrats did before supporting slavery in the South against the Northern Republicans led by Lincoln.

The sheer fact that this election is neck-to-neck after everything they have done in the last four years goes to show you that they have been part of the Great Reset and Pelosi supports draconian lockdowns that destroy small business and jobs as they pull off in Europe.

Fat Lady Sings

As they say, the Democratic Party has at least shot themselves in the foot if not the head because even if Biden wins, it would not be definitive. This is too razor thin and the people will revolt if they try to implement the COVID restriction you see in Europe destroying jobs and handing out Guaranteed Basic Income checks suspending mortgages and undermining the entire credit market structure. As they say, this ain’t over under the fat lady sings* – which may be the Supreme Court.

*Note it is just a saying in the USA that is not intended to be derogatory against opera singers.