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Media Literacy and Disinformation Courses in Public Schools

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As of January 1, California now requires students to learn media literacy throughout K-12. Will this curriculum update teach kids to fact-check the biased mainstream media or question everything? No. This bill is aimed at dismantling what the establishment has deemed as “misinformation” in recent years with the goal of rewriting history. Governor Gavin Newsom signed Bill No. 873 which will incorporate media literacy into every branch from mathematics to science and history.

Assemblymember Marc Berman, a Democrat, voiced concerns over children having access to uncensored information online. “As we’ve seen too often in the last decade, what happens online can have the most terrifying of real-world impacts,” the statement continued. “From climate denial to vaccine conspiracy theories to the January 6 attack on our nation’s Capital, the spread of online misinformation has had global and deadly consequences.”

Questioning the mainstream narrative is now prohibited. Children as young as 5 will learn NOT to ask questions or inquire about the status quo. They will be indoctrinated to rely solely on the government for reliable sources, and all school work from kindergarten until Senior year will rely on the “facts” touted by the government.

Stanford, home of the CIA’s MKUltra experiments, has implemented media literacy curriculum. Students are forced to create content on social media to combat disinformation, such as creating videos on the safe and effective mRNA vaccines. We already know that they push far-left ideals at universities, but they are now forcing everyone to think in unison to pass their classes.


The MSM gasped when it was revealed that Russian textbooks had been revised to say that the 2020 US Presidential Election was rigged. Governments continually rewrite history to align with the narrative they see fit.

The Constitution no longer holds weight in American politics. The First Amendment has died. There is nothing the governments fear more than a free-thinking society that questions our world and those in charge.