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Russian Textbooks Revised: US Rigged 2020 Presidential Election

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Russian schools are teaching the youth that America rigged its own election in 2020. Students in the 11th grade have posted excerpts from their revised textbooks to the internet. Newsweek requested a copy from the publisher, Sonin, who declared that everything published is factual and approved by Sergei Kravstov, Russia’s minister of education.

Rough translation of excerpt above: “Donald Trump. American statesman and political figure, businessman, born in 1946, 45th President of the United States from 2017 to 2021, the first President of the United States who had not previously held any public office. The richest man of all American presidents. In the 2020 presidential elections, he again nominated himself as a candidate, but as a result of obvious fraud on the part of the Democratic Party, he lost the election to J. Biden.”

Additional pieces of the book have been published online. There is a reason that this book is not readily available in America. The textbook is extremely critical of Joe Biden and his entire presidency. Another excerpt includes a picture of Biden wearing a mask. Rough translation: “On (masked) Biden from the same Russian school textbook ‘His entire political career has been accompanied by corruption scandals. He and his family have commercial interests in Ukraine.”

History Will Judge You

The next generation of Russians will be raised to believe that America is the enemy, as their parents before them were also led to believe. American textbooks paint Putin as an enemy and dictator, and American students learn that Russia is the enemy as their parents were led to believe the USSR was the enemy. History is constantly rewritten by the victor. In this case, I believe most reading this blog know the truth. The current onslaught of legal cases against Trump only validates Russia’s claims that the US rigs elections and then blames Russia if the outcome is not what the establishment wanted.