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Hunting and Fishing Bans

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The Biden Administration is making sure Americans turn to lab-grown fake meat by placing restrictions on fishing and hunting. They do not want us to live off the land or have access to free food. Big government will provide everything you need. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) issued its 2023-2024 hunting and fishing rule manual that lists new limitations on hunting. Stores will no longer be permitted to sell certain fishing tackle or lead ammunition.

The elites have been attempting to implement these laws for some time under the guise of climate change. The Center for Biological Diversity won a lawsuit in 2021 to repeal a Trump Administration law that permitted hunting and fishing on 2.3 million acers across 147 fisheries and wildlife refuges.

“In conservation, the very essence of Teddy Roosevelt was multiple use, public access, the best science, greater good, longest term,” he continued. “That’s the American conservation ethic, which largely stems from Roosevelt and Pinchot and managing our forests. Hunting was core to that,” he stated. “This is a state issue. It should not be agenda based, it should be based on science. The state fish and wildlife experts evaluated within their respective boundaries and borders,” Zinke said. “If the environmentalists really wanted to get concerned about the bird population, maybe they should look at the 750,000 plus birds that are chopped up by wind and increasing.”. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., stated, noting hunting and fishing is a priority for Montana residents.

They have no proof that lead ammunition is hurting the wildlife population. The government has told hunters to carry bear spray when out in the wilderness as they are attempting to phase out lead ammo by 2026. What’s next? Will they tell us to remove our gardens to conserve water? Prevent personal fertilizer purchases? This is not the land of the free, as the land is no longer ours to live off of as nature intended.