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The Food Will Make You Sick – Lab-Grown Meat Approved in US

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Americans need to be extremely careful when food shopping as the US government approved fully lab-grown meat. They could be serving this at a restaurant near you without your knowledge. The meat is made from pre-cancerous animal cells as they’re the most likely to replicate. They then shape this lab-grown unknown product into whatever shape they need so that it looks like real meat.

US food standards are already extremely low as the USDA wants to keep you sick. Other countries, including China and Russia, refuse to buy many US-produced products as they are not safe for human consumption. For example, the US government allows ractopamine to be injected in pigs. Over 160 countries refused to buy pork from America because ractopamine is linked to cancer, autism, cardiovascular disease, and many other issues. How did they allow this chemical to pass health checks? Well, there are no health checks or regulations on what can be sold to the masses. The government conducted ONE study of six men, and one became ill with heart issues. That is why it is comical when the government implements regulation in the name of protecting consumer health. They only care about their bottom line.

They spray the produce with pesticides and inject our livestock with more chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. Even the packaging standards in the US are lower than in other parts of the world. Look at all the glass products on the shelves outside the US. We use cheap plastics instead. This is why obesity rates are through the roof, as our natural bodies were not designed to process these unnatural chemicals.

No one knows the health consequences of lab-grown meat on public health. The WEF insisted that the world must decrease its meat consumption. Bill Gates is a huge investor in this mechanism. Gates said all wealthy nations should switch to synthetic meat, bought up countless farmland, and invested in his own cultivated meat business. The cultivated fake meat industry was valued at around $247 million in 2022 and it is expected to spike to $25 billion by 2030 – right on time for Agenda 2030. The Food Safety and Inspection Service has not determined how they will label these products; therefore, you may be eating pre-cancerous fake meat cells without your knowledge in the near future.