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Don’t Divert Your Attention to Roe v. Wade

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A coming Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade was secretly “leaked.” Uncoincidentally, the news came right before the 2022 US midterm elections. Everyone is understandably up in arms after Biden formed a Disinformation Governance Board to become the ultimate authority for what we may believe is true. Most Americans want Biden out of office, with only 37% saying he should run for re-election.

The fake plight to save the people of Ukraine was not enough to garner Democratic support. The virtue-signaling appealed to the left at first, until Biden handed Ukraine billions of dollars and dismissed his campaign promise to forgive student debt. The COVID power grab has loosened from Biden’s grip, and his approval numbers have been steadily declining.

RoeVWade.Ukraine 300x268Abortion has been a hot topic since Roe v. Wade permitted the practice in 1973. The same people who are shouting, “MY BODY, MY CHOICE!” did not feel that way when the government wanted to mandate experimental vaccines. They were OK with countless people losing their jobs and lives because the government knew what was best for our health, and we had a moral obligation to obey. They claim Roe v. Wade protects women but are attempting to eliminate women from our society.

The latest Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Jackson said she could not define a “woman” as she is not a biologist. Biden actually banned the word “mothers” as femininity is offensive to the far left. Instead, we are supposed to call them “birthing people” since the woke community maintains that men can give birth. Apple even added pregnant men emojis to its platform. MuskGatesPregnant 207x300

Not to be outdone, the US is #1 for infant mortality among developed nations. Do you know the leading cause of death for “birthing people” in the US? HOMICIDE! More women die in this country from homicide than from pregnancy or birthing complications. Black women in particular are three times as likely to die from homicide while pregnant. Men are almost always the culprit.

Yet, no one sees gender or these very alarming issues. Women are no longer protected in this country; Roe v. Wade is not the issue. How can we protect women when we deny their existence?