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Chicago Considers City-Run Grocers

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Crime in Chicago has sent businesses fleeing. Four Walmart grocers recently closed, creating what many would call a food desert. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson absolutely refuses to address the real problem. Johnson and the Economic Security Project are now considering city-run grocery stores that will burden law-abiding taxpayers who will need to subsidize these grocers.

No one working in the Chicago city government knows how to manage money. Their heads are so far up their asses that they cannot see the real problem – light on crime policies and a culture that romanticizes crime. This is another opportunity for local government to get guaranteed income from taxpayers even if the stores operate at a loss. And they will operate at a loss since theft is practically legal. The globalists will have an easier time turning Chicago into a 15-minute city since the city government will already have control over the food supply.

The Chicago Police Department states crime spiked 25% in the past year, with theft rising 11%. These are simply the people they caught since it is common practice for criminals to run into stores, grab everything they can hold, and simply leave. Security is not permitted to chase after the criminals and there is no penalty depending on the value of the goods stolen. Both customers and employees have been hurt or killed by these criminals who have no regard for human life. A spokesperson for Walmart told the NY Post that their stores in Chicago have not been profitable for 17 years. No businesses will want to continue operating in Chicago at this rate. Will the city government take over every area too?

Let the people start a co-op and work together to create a community. No one is holding their neighbors responsible and the good people are the ones who suffer. The remaining businesses and smart money will leave the city if crime and taxes continue to rise. There must be actual penalties for theft to deter criminals, or the city will continue to deteriorate. Make crime illegal again.