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Chicago Considers City-Run Grocers

Crime in Chicago has sent businesses fleeing. Four Walmart grocers recently closed, creating what many would call a food desert. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson absolutely refuses to address the real problem. Johnson and the Economic Security Project are now considering city-run grocery stores that will burden law-abiding taxpayers who will need to subsidize these grocers. […]

Crime Rose 82% in Chicago in 2 Years – Controlled Chaos in Blue Cities

It was hard to imagine a mayor WORSE than Lori Lightfoot, but Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson managed to surpass her in corruption and crime as Chicago crumbles. Johnson’s first three months on the job, compared to Lightfoot’s, saw 4,321 more car thefts, 41 more murders, and 38 more deadly shootings. Crime in Chicago is up […]

Chicago Suburb To Pay Reparations

Chicago is crumbling to the ground. What do the politicians plan to do to fix the problem? Buy votes! The Chicago upper-middle-class suburb of Evanston, Illinois, approved a $10 million reparation package in 2019. The city will now hand out $25,000 to 140 black residents over the age of 18 who lived in the area […]

Chicago Prepares for Second Weekend of Mayhem

Hundreds of teens stormed the streets of Chicago last weekend, wreaking havoc on the crumbling city. People were assaulted, shot, there was countless property damage, and Mayor-Elect Johnson completely sided with the criminals. Johnson made excuses for their bad behavior, and while a few arrests were made, Johnson has done absolutely nothing to prevent this […]

Chicago is a Blue Warzone

Mobs of hundreds of teens and young adults are terrorizing Chicago and burning their own city down. Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot permitted crime to take place. Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson is another far-left politician who will do nothing to save the city. “It is not constructive to demonize youth who have been denied opportunities,” Johnson said […]

Chicago Falls at Midnight

Resistance is not futile. I have said before that once the police turn against the government, the reins of power will loosen. Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara is asking officers to defy vaccine mandates set to go into effect on Friday, October 15. The city is demanding that officers submit their vaccination […]

Chicago – Flight from the City

COMMENT: My son-in-law’s mother works in (an area of) urban Chicago as a Nurse, a small enclave (that at this time is considered safe)…she spoke to a Chicago Policeman – he told her to get out as soon as she can &to learn to use a gun and get one. He said the Nut jobs […]

Is Chicago Doomed?

COMMENT: Chicago is at it again. The new mayor, Lorie Lightfoot, is proposing a sales tax for high end professional services such as accounting, legal and investment banking. Can you imagine how fast the business district will be vacant! VL REPLY: Chicago is rather doomed. The teachers wanted to put a tax on all trading […]

Chicago Trying to Takeover All Power

The environmentalists are working hard behind the curtain to eliminate fossil fuels by nationalizing private utilities. The Democratic Socialists on the Chicago City Council want to “municipalize” ComEd, which has a franchise agreement to deliver power that is due to be renewed. That agreement permits ComEd to operate in the city and went into effect […]

Will Chicago Real Estate Ever Rise Again?

QUESTION: Chicago real estate- is there any future before 2032 or do we hope for a Detroit situation as the only possibility for prices to rise? Thank you! Bob ANSWER: Real estate will rise marginally but only when we see the shift from public to private. However, that will not be a rally in real […]