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Trump v Hillary White House

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QUESTION: Marty; As you have always said you are not Republican or Democrat because both parties are corrupt and the scandals seem to be endless on both sides. Hillary scandals involve money and Trump women, not unlike Bill. In many ways, this is like the Clintons, sex v money. So what do you really think would be the difference between a Trump White House and a Hillary White House?



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ANSWER: The powers that be are filling every media outlet with the story Russia will hack the election, so if Trump wins, it will be declared a fake. There is no possible way they will allow Trump to enter the White House. Trump is against nation building, which is the only real power these crazy people want. They are blaming Russia to set the stage for war. There is no way to identify a true professional hacker. So it cannot be proven that it was Russia. This is the excuse to deny Trump the White House regardless of the vote. This is the real agenda. It’s in play right now. Open your eyes. They need the media to sell this story.

That aside, the candidates are anything but traditional and far from ideal. They are trying to paint Trump as a sleaze as they did to Bill with Monica, despite having nothing to do with his qualifications. The peak in government was clearly on time 2015.75 and this is part of the crash and burn. Hillary has abandoned the “America’s First Family” pitch from 2008 as if they were royalty. It doesn’t fly with Bill’s escapades these days.

To run for office today, you really have to be out of your mind or you cannot care what people think about you I suppose. The joke with Hillary is we might as well vote for her because she will not die; she will keep running until she becomes the first woman president if it kills Bill. Trump, they say just wants to put “Trump” in neon lights above the White House.

Meanwhile, I have been warning that Trump’s rise has been all about corrupt government — the outsider v establishment. Now, USA Today has reported a poll that reveals the number one concern in America is none other than “corrupt politicians.” This is what we get, and we deserve it, for there are still people who believe in Hillary simply because she is a woman or a Democrat. At least inside the Republican Party it has been outright civil war.

Although the computer shows Trump should win against all odds, this is obviously like BREXIT. The polls are rigged, 99% of the media is bought and paid for, and it is to the point where CNN hands questions to Hillary in advance. Nevertheless, I remain skeptical that they would allow Trump to take office. Look, the computer projected BREXIT would win. I was personally skeptical about that for they were trying to rig that vote as well. The computer was correct and I was wrong. Career politicians have way too much to risk. They are afraid Trump will go on TV and tell the truth about various bills they stuff in compensation for their friends and family. Trump is too much of a wildcard for them to allow him to take an office with a veto pen. I would vote for Trump only to see such chaos unleashed on Capitol Hill.

Hillary will do whatever the establishment dictates. She will go along with World War III and I do believe Obama is ratcheting up the stakes as he tried in Syria and lost. So this time he needs Russia and a direct confrontation to get the backing. Emails have come out showing that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funding ISIS. Why? I explained in the Cycle of War Part II that this is a civil war in Islam — Sunni against Shia. ISIS is Sunni and they are trying to topple Syria and Iran because they are Shia. Plus, there is more oil in the Golan Heights than in Saudi Arabia and that may be occupied by Israel, but it is Syrian territory. What oil company is involved? Genie. Who is on the board of directors of Genie Oil? Dick Cheney.


So what I see as the big difference between a Hillary v Trump White House is W-A-R. It looks like Obama is already poking Russia to intentionally goat them into a confrontation. He called Russia a “regional power,” deliberately trying to demean them. Some people have said Trump would spout out something stupid and start a war. Well, the alarmists about Trump in this regard are just too biased to open their eyes. Obama is deliberately trying to provoke war which is a hidden agenda going on here as well. This reminds me of Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” The main difference is Trump is anti-nation building and that is why the establishment hates him so much. It appears they will start a war to ensure they continue this policy of nation building that gave us Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

One Hillary diehard writes that Trump is a “buffoon” and war is coming anyhow so Hillary is our man. Well, get ready then, because this war will require a lot of boots on the ground and the talk behind the curtain is that the draft will be reinstated and the age limit will be 40 since the birth rate has declined. Some have even suggested with Hillary in charge, feminists will rule since they think women can a do whatever a man can do, so get ready for the draft applying to women as well. So you better start jogging and get in shape. You will get your wish.

The problem with this dream coming true is that it is really a nightmare. We are not the only species to wage war. Some ants storm rivals and take their young to be slaves, which sound like the Romans. Perhaps war is simply tucked deep inside human nature and leaps out now and again like swarms of locusts who come as solitary individuals that suddenly swarm together. They say serotonin in the brain triggers a dramatic set of changes that cause locusts to breed abundantly and then swarm. Perhaps we have the same problem as a species!