The Election of 2016

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Tons of e-mails have been pouring in asking (1) how our computer forecasts so many things, and (2) how it is often right decades in advance. The two front runners are the two non-politicians. The establishment’s choice, Mr. Bush, is holding on to 5%. The press keeps attacking Trump in an attempt to help the other politicians out to keep everything the way it has always been. However, the trend is in motion. Our computer forecasts this non-politician era for 2016 and it is connected to the age of deflation and the sovereign debt crisis, as well as confirming that 2015.75 will be the peak in government.

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This is why I have been warning that 2015.75 will NOT be some doom & gloom event — it is the kick-off of a new game-changing trend. I laugh at the conspiracy theories because this is a wild ride and no one is in control. A line is starting to form of people requesting meetings around the world. It is happening as the computer has forecast. What you have to comprehend is that this is BY NO MEANS an opinion. I too am along for the ride, fascinated by how this all functions, and watching it unfold before my eyes. I am not here to pound my chest and say, “See if you listened to me you would have made 500,000%.”

Yes, people are stealing our forecasts, track-record, war cycles, you name it. They all pretend that they have been forecasting this for decades. They are the most dishonest people you will ever meet; it is all about hype, and how there will be this huge crisis — “the worst in history” — so you better hurry up and send them your money.

Everyone knows I do not need the money. I do what I do to try to point the way for we face a real game-changing crossroad ahead that will dictate the future we leave behind for our children and their children.

Thanks for all the e-mails alerting us to these frauds, and for the lawyers who wrote in asking to bring legal action against these people and groups (there are several around the world now). Obviously, they just copy and paste what I say. They change the words around to make it appear that these are their discoveries in an attempt to get you to send them money.

The newsletters these groups previously touted lost people so much money that they should be in prison for fraud. They were going broke with those pitches and decided to just rip us off and in the process discredit our analysis by associating it with their bullshit. You cannot forecast these events without a database and they would never be able to prove their claims in court for they have no such database beyond what you can get on the internet from data providers.


We have spent countless millions in creating our database. It would be impossible to reach these forecasts without recreating the monetary system of the world back to inception. This chart alone would cost more than $100 million today to create. How would you even know society goes through such periods without such a database? I doubt these people claiming to be world forecasters have even $100,000 to spend on research. They flood the world with flyers, masking consumer fraud with false scare tactic headlines based on made up “facts” that could never be proven in court. They wiped out so many people that they now need a new pitch to continue their scam. There is not a stitch of original work in what they claim, which is no surprise.

So, this turn to a third party style anti-politician trend is unfolding and they will steal that forecast as well, claiming it is their own. They will also steal our forecast that the turnout will rise. They have stolen our War Cycle and anything else that appears on this blog. That just reveals the character of the people who have no integrity. They would screw the entire world just to line their pockets. They risk our future by turning important forecasts into a fraud, which only discredits the entire hope of finding a solution. Anyone looking closely will see that there is no substance, and one cannot paint ALL forecasting with the same color and brush.

Nevertheless, our computer (NOT ME PERSONALLY) has been unbeatable. We can see this rise in anti-government/politician sentiment exploding, which is driven by economics. Only our model can reveal the connections behind the headlines and by doing so we can see potential solutions. This is what these clowns risk by claiming it is the brilliance of their personal forecasts that no human would have been capable of accomplishing.

Trump and Carson are so far ahead of everyone else, at the very least, it would be an interesting development if they were a team. Perhaps if elected, they might slow down the process of wealth confiscation, taxes, and debt. Trump would be the most qualified to handle a Sovereign Debt Crisis, given he knows how to negotiate defaults.

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