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Obama is Deliberately Trying to Upset the Election that never Ends

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White House press secretary Josh Earnest has made constant repeated jabs at president-elect Trump and his team during press briefings. He even went as far to say this week that Trump knowingly benefited from Russian hacking into computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. Unbelievable! Let’s put this in perspective.

If someone is robbing your house, they are loading everything into a van, you pull in your driveway and catch them. Should they be allowed to keep what they stole because they would have gotten away had you arrived 3 minutes later and they would not have been caught?

This is the amazing argument of the Democrats. They are crying that Putin hacked the DNC and exposed to the world that they were corrupt, and Hillary interfered with the Republican primary to ensure Trump would become the candidate, then unleashed the press on him to defeat him, but all that came out from the emails exposed from the DNC. That just backfired so it’s Trump’s fault and Hillary should be made president because she would not have been caught but for Putin? Stunning logic.

So in other words, they would have succeeded in manipulating the entire election process and voters but for the release of the DNC files. This is like saying the thief should get to keep all your stuff because he would have gotten away with it if you were 3 minutes late.

This is the MOST outrageous argument I have ever heard in my life. We have Podesta, Pelosi, Whoopie and Behar along with the press trying to shove this down our throats. I would understand if they said Putin hacked the voting machines, but even Obama has come out and said that did not happen. His Administration plainly said“We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

So if the votes were not hacked, only the DNC files, then where is there ANY grounds to tell electors to vote for Hillary and overturn the election? Who is this patriotic and not fraud? The DNC files showed the Democrats were corrupt. So it’s not somehow fair that the people learned this was the truth?






I just do not see the logic here. The fact that the Press is not questioning this further proves they are still in the conspiracy against Trump to shove Marxism down our throats. This is dangerously approaching fighting words. There would be an uprising no doubt.


But assuming this fraud fails on Monday, they will still not give up. We are looking at the real peak in government and I fear this is the strongest uptick in the War Cycle coinciding with the end of the sixth wave in the Economic Confidence Model both on the 51.6 year level as well as the 309.6 year fractal level. This is how empires crumble.

It is starting to look like we all join together and bring some rocks. We dump them in the Caribbean and start our own country. No Marxism allowed.