Is Hillary Comprised with ISIS?

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Hillary Preaching

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; the press is out in full force supporting Hillary and trashing Comey and the FBI. You said before anyone, that your sources said there was more than the FBI and that intelligence was involved. Can you elaborate on that at all?


ANSWER: I do not really like to reveal too much. I will say this for you can at least follow the breadcrumbs yourself. The reason why “intelligence” is also deeply concerned is that the very countries who Hillary herself has acknowledged fund ISIS are also big donators to the Clinton Foundation. Even Obama doesn’t want 9/11 families suing Saudi Arabia. Julian Assange  has now come out and reported that Hillary accepts money at her foundation from the same countries funding ISIS.

The “issue” at stake her is by no means trying to take down Hillary as a candidate just because. The “issue” is there are very deep concerns that Hillary is conflicted and that taking money from the VERY countries who fund ISIS, means she has been compromised and that she would follow Obama trying to overthrow Syria and not fight ISIS. This policy will lead to a continued wave of terrorism and Hillary has been compromised from a national security perspective.

There are “speculative” rumors that Obama has been promised a pay out from the Clintons after he leaves office. This may be total nonsense. But just watch what happens if she gets in.

The seeds are being planted. U.S. Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has claimed that a letter purporting to be from him is a fake by Russia. The document that has not been made public despite claims it has been, is said to conclude: “Any suspicious incident will be immediately reported to your assistants so that a recount of votes could be timely organized. You will not lose the election because of some compromised electronic voting systems.”