How to Save the Planet With Pushing a Button

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I have previously told the story about attending a dinner in Washington and being seated with the entire Environmental group. It was a Washington elite political dinner and because I attended with my friend Dick Fox who was Chairman of Temple University and I was an adviser to the University, whoever it was that made the seating arrangements for these tables of 10  seated us with the environmental groups. This was in the mid-90s. Dick was the one who kept trying to drag the truth out and there it came. These were the heads of the top three environmental organizations. They admitted that the real goal was to reduce human population by making it difficult to expand and build houses. Labeling everything wetlands would reduce the ability to expand housing and thus shrink the population. When Dick got them to admit that, he moved in for the bottom-line question and asked: “So who’s grandchild are you trying to prevent from being born? Your’s or mine?”

Well now this is the constantly reappearing theme with both the environmentalists and the Global Warming Crowd. The Swedish Lund university has come out with a list with “live options” that can rescue the climate and save the world. The number one recommendation with the biggest impact is to stop having babies. I previously wrote how Canada wanted to solve the problem by having companies lay off workers and thus fewer people driving cars every day.

Obviously a war will do were we kill 50% of the population to keep with their reasoning. We should ask Rocketman to please eliminate 50% of the world population and he will be the hero of the environmentalists and Global Warming Crowd. It would be so nice if they volunteered to be the first casualties. Then perhaps they can lead the way for the rest of us by volunteering to save the planet with their own death.


So please Rocketman, can you push that button but target a few universities first? Perhaps we can save the planet that way.