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Environmentalists Want to Starve Humans to Save the Planet

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Believe it or not, the new theory in government to protect the environment is to force companies to layoff workers. They want to put a toll on workers driving to work in Canada to discourage them from working and forcing companies to close. The Financial Post has reported a story that really makes you think about government. These “big thinkers in economics” have concluded to save the planet the solution is to have fewer workers. The way to reduce pollution and carbon emissions is to raise the costs of pollution and emissions with taxes and higher prices. They are proposing road tolls to reduce pollution.

I was invited to a Washington elite political dinner and because I attended with my friend Dick Fox who was Chairman of Temple University and I was an adviser to the University, whoever it was that made the seating arrangements for these tables of 10  seated us with the environmental groups. This was in the mid-90s. Dick was the one who kept trying to drag the truth out and there it came. These were the heads of the top three environmental organizations. They admitted that the real goal was to reduce human population by making it difficult to expand and build houses. Labeling everything wetlands would reduce the ability to expand housing and thus shrink the population. When Dick got them to admit that, he moved in for the bottom-line question and asked: “So who’s grandchild are you trying to prevent from being born? Your’s or mine?”

This is the root of their thinking and it is behind this new drive to reduce the number of jobs to save the planet. If they deliberately create poor people, they wont have children is the way they theorize. These people are really VERY SICK elitists beyond all rational comprehension. What right do they have to force their agenda upon the world?

It is amazing that people like Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, seems to be a totally brainwashed believer in Global Warming and criticized Donald Trump for backing out of the Paris Accord. In an open letter to his co-workers, Cook wrote, “I know many of you share my disappointment at the decision of the White House. I spoke with the President on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to let the US continue to be part of the agreement. But that has not been enough. “

Cook told Bloomberg that Trump “made a wrong decision.” Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also wrote in his online network that the decision was “bad for the environment, bad for the economy and endangers the future of our children”. Neither seems open minded to actually look at all the evidence against Global Warming that mainstream media refuses to air. I seriously doubt that they understand what they are truly supporting.

This environment elitist  theory is that higher prices will cascade through the economic system and that will reduce consumer demand and in turn force companies to shut down operations. The Financial Post wrote: “Little did Canadians know that the economy is also apparently burdened with too many workers. What else can one conclude in the wake of plans by Ontario, Alberta and B.C. to impose the equivalent of a new minimum $15 road toll on low-wage workers?”

We have some very very very sick people who think they need to reduce the world population to save the planet. Politicians just lick their lips at the thought of gaining a lot more revenue.