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Even the British Press has Conspired to Support Communism 3.0 – Again!

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I will cancel my subscript to the Economist. I use to respect that magazine, but no longer. The Economist has gone beyond fake news; they are deliberately now supporting Communism as the press did with Stalin. The British Press has turned to nothing but propaganda, and they too are doing everything they can to create a new Communist World Order. In Schwab’s book, chapter one calls for a MACRO RESET. In other words, destroy the entire world economy and redesign it his way. World leaders make their pilgrimage to Davos to kiss the ring, if not the feet, of Klaus Schwab. So if you have lost everything, that is the man to point the finger to, and there should be a class-action lawsuit against him and the World Economic Forum. Subpoena all their financial records and you will see he sold assets at the top. Everyone should be equal, but not him and his organization.

Just look at the number of states in total lockdown. I have stated many times, no politicians in their right mind would intentionally destroy jobs and expect to run for election again. What is interesting is how they have conspired against Trump from every possible angle. He still stands and fights, and for that, I must admire his courage. There is scarcely a human who has been so tormented, ridiculed and insulted by the entire world, and he holds his ground. They cheered Hitler and Stalin until they discovered the truth. The New York Times even championed Stalin and argued the United States should move to Communism.

Shakespeare Killl Lawyers

Willam Shakespeare (1564-1616) famous line, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” was not “lawyers” as know them today. The only person even allowed to have a lawyer back then was the King, and they were the king’s prosecutors. Today, that would be the prosecutors and police in modern time and will undoubtedly include the journalists who have been selling Communism 3.0 and this entire agenda. So if people ask me to do I think a revolution is coming, my answer is yes, in many countries. Europe may be where the contagion spreads. You cannot have academics like Schwab and Thomas Piketty simply advocate destroying everything everyone has and redesigning it while sipping coffee in a 5-star restaurant. Over 200 million people died the last time this was attempted. This time it may be billions.

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You can already see the sheer hatred rising from the left. They will NEVER tolerate any dissent. They do not believe in Democracy, freedom, or anything listed in the Declaration of Independence. All my friends who came to the West from the East all say the same thing — this is precisely what they fled.