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Biden Says US Troops will Fight Russian if Ukraine Loses

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On Friday, President Biden, the hand puppet of the Neocons, warned that the US Military might find themselves in a direct conflict with Russia should they defeat Ukraine – which they will. Biden released a statement written by the Neocons that said the standard propaganda of how fantastic Ukraine is doing, claiming it successfully intercepted a number of the missiles and drones launched by Russia thanks to the American-provided air defense systems.


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Over 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died, all for a territorial grab where they would massacre the Russian civilians who live in the Donbas, and the West entered into the Minsk Agreement, agreeing to allow them the right to a free election. At the same time, Ukraine built an army to wage war against Russia under the command of the Neocons. This is why Zelensky needs to draft another 500,000 more people to die for the Neocons.



Lyndsey Graham brags about how the Ukrainians will fight to the last man. We have reached that point all for what?



Here is that last person told to die for the Neocons. This is a video from the front lines showing Zelensky has even sent unarmed people with Down Syndrome to the front lines to be killed. Zelensky sacrifices his own people for a handful of silver from the Neocons.



Lyndsey Graham is a sick individual, and if he were on the street doing this, it would be hate speech that they want to imprison people for and regulate the internet. This is why Graham supports Biden in this war that has no end other than the destruction of the United States in World War III.

Ukraine Has Lost the War

Biden added that unless congressional lawmakers take “urgent action in the new year,” the U.S. will not be able to continue to provide Ukraine with “weapons and vital air defense systems.” Throwing more money into Ukraine will not change the outcome. HONOR the Minsk Agreement, and the war would end in 24 hours. That has NEVER been the objective. They need this war to cover up the collapse of the monetary system of borrowing year-after-year with NO INTENTION of paying anything back.Great Reset Agenda

The war will be used as the excuse to justify Digital Currency, track every aspect of your life, and usher in the new world order where they will regulate who can even have air conditioning under the pretense of Climate Change.

2024 Totalitarianism