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Ukrainian Military Attempts to Assassinate Zelensky

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Zelensky Money Hungry

As I have warned, Zelensky is seen as a puppet of the West, and they are starting to realize that he is destroying all of Ukraine on orders from the American Neocons. I have been warning that any assassination of Zelensky will come from within. Ukraine has reached the same realization where there was an attempt to assassinate Hitler to save Germany.

Here, on our May 7th ECM target date, two Ukrainian colonels were arrested involving an internal attempt to assassinate Zelensky, who is widely seen as a traitor to his own people. When the last Ukrainian falls, he will be on a plane to Miami to live tax-free under the protection of the American Neocons.

That was the ONLY hope of saving Ukraine just as assassinating Hitler would have saved tens of millions of lives. ABSOLUTELY nobody in the West thinks twice about killing Russians or Ukrainians. The people are starting wake up, but it looks to be too late.