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Is France Moving Closer to Revolution?

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France Cycle Political Change 300x210

Yeltsin Tank 300x149After studying how revolutions unfold, the critical factor is when the police/army turn against the political power. The Russian Revolution was bloodless for when Yeltsin stood on the tank and asked the troops not to kill their own people, they stood down and the government fell.

Tank Tiananmen 300x207Likewise, in China, that memorable photo of a lone protester standing before the column of tanks that stopped is yet another example of how critical it is that the police and army switch sides and support the people.

During the Ukrainian Revolution in overthrowing Yanukovich, the key turning point was NOT the CIA, but the troops he called in were Russians — not Ukrainian. Once the police saw who his troops were, they switched sides and supported the people.

Le Pen Marine 300x200The political polls in France show that the army and police are getting fed up with Macron and are voting for his opposition Le Pen. This is absolutely critical for if the army and police abandon Macron, then we will see the regime change in France once again.