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Generals Calling for Overthrow of Macron

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Gates Macron

Macron has been following Gates and Schwab taking France into a very dangerous future where the racial tensions are rising because of the lockdowns and loss of jobs. These elitists have never had to live in the real world. They look down upon the rest of us as mere toys to play with our lives to fit their dreams of power and control. Gates may have been a ruthless businessman who propelled Microsoft to monopoly status. When he was forced to resign from Microsoft would be broken up under Anti-Trust Laws, he embarked on creating a monopoly in health to fulfill his father’s dreams of reducing population.

Macron in Military Parade

Now a group of generals in France has banded together and publicly called for the overthrow of Macron. Twenty retired generals have called for a military takeover if President Macron fails to halt the “disintegration” of the country at the hands of Islamists. These policies being directed from Geneva and Schwab’s World Economic Forum are at the core of the destruction of Europe. Under Macron, the French parliament passed a controversial bill on “global security” penalizing the dissemination of images of the police who have been beating the people. Meanwhile, Macron has banned domestic air travel all to push Schwab and Gates’ agenda.

Even the computer program used by Imperial College who takes grants from Gates is an absolute joke. Now others are starting to comment on this Imperial College code. This same expertise in creating fake programs that project doom & gloom for the planet because of global warming is also a joke. We are headed into serious cold weather which will last into the 2050s. This year saw the coldest April in 104 years, the second coldest since 1881, and the snowiest since 1986. Over in France, they have LOST 80% of its Wine crop this year due to extreme cold.