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Civil Unrest Growing in France

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Protests are appearing across France as people are demanding changes. I must say, I do respect the French for always taking to the streets when their politicians fail them. And the politicians are certainly failing the people right now. There are ongoing protests regarding the rising cost of living. Winter is coming and people are concerned about basic necessities such as food and energy.

There are now protests demanding that France abandon NATO. The people do not want to enter a war. On the same day that President Macron announced 2,000 Ukrainian troops would be trained on French soil, thousands took to the capital to demand a stop to this madness. The protestors, per usual, called for Macron’s resignation. In addition to abandoning NATO, the French people would like to abandon the European Union. The idea behind the creation of the European Union, a union to end and prevent war in Europe, has clearly FAILED. “Frexit” is becoming a trending topic as the people now see that those in Brussels do not care about the people.

Our computer has indicated that civil unrest would rise going into November. There are protests appearing all over the world, and unfortunately for the opposition, those protests will only heighten as conditions worsen and policies are passed at the expense of the people.