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Poland – The Next Crisis for the EU – Independent Sovereignty is the Issue

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GDP World Bank 2016Poland represents a major threat to the EU. The entire idea of the EU was the propaganda that Member States would successively grow into a real Union through a longer integration process. GDP was supposed to grow, not decline, and the threat of war would vanish by surrendering sovereignty to Brussels. In reality, the exact opposite has unfolded. GDP has progressively declined and the risk of a European war has been increased with the idea of surrendering sovereignty to Brussels.

Throughout Europe, there is a growing “populist” movement especially ignited with the attempt to force member states to accept refugees when this was an unilateral decision exclusive made by Merkel to save her public image after being hard on Greece.

British GDP Growth since 1949

Even the data from the British Government clearly shows how their GDP has declined ever since joining the EU in 1973. Obviously, the exact opposite trend determines reality – not political propaganda. The movements that promotes the sovereignty of the national states and demand a weakening of the central institutions are on the rise all over Europe. This is what Brussels calls the “populist” movement.

Poland is questioning the current situation of the EU in its current form and is not finding it agreeable especially when it goes against their religious foundation. Many are alarmed because there were more Mosques built in Britain during 2016 than churches. Churches are on the decline and even synagogues are being converted to Mosques.

Poland is the largest beneficiary of EU payments receiving an annual net of just €10 billion. Nevertheless, Poland represents a huge risk to the EU for the independence and sovereignty of Poland has become a top priority in the face of forced refugees. Poland is actually more linked to the USA and Britain than to Brussels.