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Open Letter to the Guardian

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The Guardian headline is supporting government propaganda that 9 out of 10 economists warn of a dire future if Britain exits the EU. For a newspaper who published Snowden, I would expect a lot more integrity on this issue. The Guardian is reporting propaganda on a grand scale. They reported that “Some 72% [of economists] said that a vote to leave would most likely have a negative impact on growth for 10-20 years.”

British GDP Growth since 1949

The propaganda implies that economic growth in Britain has benefited from the EU single market since it joined in 1973. Let us expose the lies and corruption propagated by this pool of economists. Using the government’s own statistics from the Office for National Statistics, annual economic growth for Britain peaked BEFORE it joined the EU and has been declining ever since. This forecast that leaving the EU will have a negative impact on British economic growth is clearly a bunch off lies. Annual economic growth for Britain has fallen ever since it joined the EU in 1973. Each rally produced a lower economic growth peak.


This is the end of Britain if it remains in the EU and the media will not tell the truth or expose what is going on all to save the jobs of bureaucrats at the expense of their own families (feel free to forward this article to everyone). The British pound peaked against the dollar in 1864. It has been a bear market long-term. If the pound simply now closes below 14600 for 2016, it will fall to make new historic lows well under par to the dollar seen back in 1985.


Palm Reader


Economists are notoriously incapable of forecasting the future. Larry Summers publicly admitted on Bloomberg that they are incapable of forecasting anything. I think they would have a far better chance of consulting a palm reader than a mainstream economist. If they cannot forecast the future, all they do is mouth whatever the government pays them to do. I have stated it before, when I was asked by the government back in 1985 to effectively “save the world” it was clear, they have such hearings only as a dog and pony show. The government then stands up and does what it wanted to do anyway and pretends they consult experts.

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BradyCommBecause I spoke out against manipulating the dollar to reduce the trade deficit back in 1985 which started the G5 with the Plaza Accord, I have had a reputation of being outside the mainstream yet behind the curtain I have always been the one they all want to hear from. These politicians could not understand that they sold 1/3rd of the national debt to the Japanese back then and trying to reduce the trade deficit by lowering the dollar was just brain-dead. Saying they “wanted” the dollar down by 40% I warned would set off a crash within 2 years, which manifested in 1987. When that took place, then they wanted me again to contribute to the Brady Commission. My biggest accomplishment was at the end of the Brady Report, they said they thought “currency” had something to do with the event. There was no way that report would bluntly blame the G5.

Then these politicians in Congress reduced the tax advantages/amortization on real estate and created the S&L Crisis they had to bailout. There is absolutely no crisis created by the private sector – they have all been created by government right down to telling the IMF to provide loans to Russia so the bankers could exploit them and end up with the 1998 Long-Term Capital Management Crisis and the first Fed Bailout of a hedge fund. The Fed bailed out LTCM hedge fund because they owed banks huge money. They were really bailing-out the banks when there was no authority to bailout a hedge fund. That was a ploy to hide what banks were really out on a limb.

Today, the faulty construction of the Euro is destroying the European economy and creating the greatest risk for civil unrest and European war. They are telling Britain to surrender all independence to Brussels to save the Euro which is doomed. Like LTCM, it is not about a single market and Britain will suffered economically, their own statistic prove that is a lie. This is about saving Europe and Britain cannot rescue Brussels but will simply hold its hand as they fall off the cliff together. Sure, they will not publish what we have to say publicly yet at the same time behind the curtain we are the firm they pay attention to because they know the accuracy of our model long-term.


Geithneir-RIn May 1997, the Treasury was publicly starting to try to talk the dollar down once again doing what they wanted to do politically exactly as they did back in 1985. I wrote to Robert Rubin who was the one doing this nonsense trying to talk the dollar down once again. Note it was May 1997 when I wrote reminding them of 1987 and that yes we were the firm consulted during that crisis. Now notice the date when the future Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner responded quickly on June 4th within 15 days. They are well aware of our model and how it has called the shots globally for decades. They do not respond to most people. The reason they respond to us has been because of the reputation of our model behind the curtain.

1997 Thailand Baht CrisisThe Asia Currency Crisis hit within weeks of that correspondence in July 1997.  Once again our model was correct in picking that crisis. I have given it my best shot to try to help curb this insane trend of politicians gone wild. I have been fortunate that the markets have always been like an ATM machine for me so I have never had to worry about making money to pay bills. This luxury has allowed me to try to help reduce the chaos in the world economy, but to no avail. I have been compelled to watch these events unfold powerless to prevent them because the self-interest of those in power always dominates the good for society.

central_bank_chinaYet that 1997 Asian Currency Crisis led to me to being perhaps the first analyst to be invited to Beijing by the central bank. The central bank of China has publicly even announced that they use “capital flow analysis” to gauge monetary policy. Since that is the model we created, I think that states a rather blunt fact with the regard for our model behind the curtain.

Everyone behind the curtain knows of the accuracy of our computer. Fine, I do not do interviews with mainstream press for the simple reason they usually do not want to air what our model projects. Nonetheless, I was asked to appear with the French Finance Minister on national French TV, Mr. Sapin. He declined so they filmed a piece on me alone. Then he showed up at the TV station as if he would appear knowing I was not there so they improvised and played the piece on me and then confronted him on TV. Of course his response was that nobody could forecast and what I had to say did not help “confidence” in government. He then went on to deliver his forecast how the French economy would boom. So it is not like the people in the highest place do not know about our model. It’s just that nobody wants to dare talk about something that warns they are dead wrong.

Euro SinkingLet’s tell the truth here. The British will be given EU Tax IDS and will go down with the ship. British financial markets can be barred from short-selling on any whim from Brussels, and British corporations will find their taxes will be raised by Brussels. The structure of the EU government is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC since it removed every possible means for the people to ever change government. The one thing they get to vote on is the EU Parliament which neither introduces legislation nor does it vote to approve anything (see BREXIT – the Movie). That is all done behind the curtain. This is a dictatorship and every newspaper should be screaming at the top of their lungs if they really gave two shits about themselves as personal individuals of the future for their children. Is this not the same result had they just surrendered to Hitler?


The Euro WILL FAIL. The mainstream press will never report what our computer has to say when it goes against the government. Yes, the FT published in 1998 on the front page when we forecast that Russia would collapse. But that was Russia – not Western Society. Sorry, its the same computer model which is forecasting the collapse ahead.

I am shocked the Guardian has allowed itself to present the government propaganda rather than investigating the truth. They do not address the serious flawed structure of the Euro nor do they explain to the people what they will face, corporations, or how the financial markets of London are over. They certainly do not addressed that all British will get tax IDS from Brussels nor will they explain that corporate taxes will be set not by the Queen’s Parliament, but by Brussels.  Why do they not address the issues in the BREXIT – the Movie?

Certainly the mainstream media would never bother to call me given the fact the EU Commission designing the Euro all attended our conference there in 1998 in London. They did not visit the 9 out of 10 pretend economists who preach the party-line because they are paid to regurgitate propaganda and are incapable of forecasting anything anyway. Why do you think all the banks support rejecting BREXIT? Because they are told to do so and no analyst in any bank could dare to tell the truth for the central banks will prejudice that bank. No institution will dare speak the truth for fear of government retaliation.

I was flat outright told to be a “good boy” and churn out bogus studies where the government tells economists what conclusion they need and I would be paid millions by them each year. They tried to seize our computer and have tried to silence our forecasts. But we survived everything because we do not put out the bullshit everyone else does just for money. I am concerned about my posterity. What kind of a world are we leaving behind? Nobody cares about their families any more?

London Destroyed

I am very disappointed in the Guardian. They should be leading the charge and would find also their readership explode if they did. Brussels will destroy London. That is an ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.

(feel free to forward this article to everyone)