Greek Referendum is a Vote on Grexit

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Greek Protesters

Brussel’s worst nightmare is coming true. The one thing the Troika has fought so hard to do is kill any democratic vote on the euro by the people in every country. This is not about the terms of austerity, which they still cannot understand is DEFLATIONARY and supports debt holders at the expense of society because politicians borrow forever, waste money, and the hand the bills to the people – TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

Freedom - Brave Heart Gibson

They are trying to scare the Greeks that they will be the loser, when in fact it is really the other way around. Protests in support of a NO vote (Grexit) are not only crowding the streets in Athens, they are coming out in Britain in support of Greece. What comes to mind is Mel Gibson’s classic movie “Braveheart” where Gibson played William Wallace, the hero of Scotland. At the end of the film, as he is being disemboweled, his last words are “FREEDOM!”

They broke down in negotiations followed by a rejected extension proposal put forward by Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. Meanwhile, the Greek parliament voted on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ proposed referendum to secure popular support for their staunch negotiation position. The government won approval for the vote, which will be held on Sunday July 5. This vote may decide the fate of Greek’s future in the Eurozone, not whether to accept the terms.

Yet it is true that Greece is holding a referendum on a proposal that no longer exists according the Troika. What makes sense here is that the people are entitled to vote. This is what everyone forgets. We are supposed to be in a “free society” and politicians believe only in their power rather than the will of the people. Even the trade deal handed to Obama is of the same nature removing the right of the people to even participate.


This is the Crisis in Democracy I have warned of since the mid-1980s. It never matters what form of government we adopt. It ALWAYS, and without exception, expands its rights against the people and that sets in motion the perpetual cycle of civil unrest and revolution. This is why there has never been a single form of government to endure throughout time.


It is time for Greece to yell “FREEDOM!” for the brain-dead concepts of the Troika cannot even see a solution. All they see is their own power and jobs. They assume they will be fine as long as they suppress the people and strangle the economy by authoritarianism. They fail to see that their collapse is INEVITABLE for they cannot sustain a system that is economically impracticable any more than Communism was sustainable. They can tell the press to stop calling them the Troika, but that is what they remain – the three-headed monster of old.