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Greece Surrenders its Sovereignty to Brussels

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The Syriza government is backing down after the realization that Brussels will declare economic war on Greece by deliberately trying to plunge the country into total ruin, far worse than the sanctions imposed on Russia. This is a sad day for the entire world. It is a terrible example that the Troika is the new equivalent of a Roman Triumvirate – the death of democracy. Europeans will remember this day for it is when national sovereignty died.

We have a copy of a letter sent from Greece to the EU accepting all terms. This is a surrender of sovereignty and no doubt the truth of this turnaround will be hidden from the public at large worldwide – not just the Greek people. All our fears of moving into Economic Totalitarianism are coming true. Democratic principles are dead: long live Totalitarianism. No doubt, this was the toast in Brussels last night (behind the curtain, of course).