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European Refugee Crisis Was Created in an Undemocratic Manner

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The very issue of the European Refugee Crisis highlights the entire problem with the European Union. There is no democratic union whatsoever. The issue of accepting refugees was a unilateral decision by Merkel alone. It was never put to vote in Europe. Once the migration turned to a full blown crisis, Merkel then insisted that all member state had to accept their share.

The statistics show that 70% of the migrants are young men. Not families or women and children. This is resembling an invading army. Brussels is using the Refugee Crisis to push the federalization of Europe and suppress all member states to second class sovereigns subject to authoritarian power, denying the people any right to vote on any issue in Brussels.

This is now about seizing power in Brussels by virtual dictatorial means. The arrogance of those demanding the surrender of sovereignty over the Refugee Crisis is unbelievable. There is absolutely no consideration whatsoever for the consequences to European culture if they are wrong.